Shaping Melbourne: Three ways Town Planners help shape the city

We love what we do here at Terrain Consulting Group because we truly believe that every project we work on is an opportunity to shape our great City and make it that little bit better than it was before. We have a saying at Terrain Consulting Group that “Quality only...

A Client-Centric Approach To Town Planning and Land Surveying

Whether you’re a Mum-and-Dad investor looking to make the most out of your corner block or a full-scale developer managing multiple projects a year, you need a town planning consultant you can trust. At Terrain Consulting Group, we put trust at the centre of every...

What is a Town Planner?

Due to the complexity and demands on the use of land, there are various types of town planners all consisting of different roles and responsibilities such as strategic town planners, transport town planners, social planners and rural and regional planners. Therefore,...

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