Terrain Consulting Group is a well established town planning and land surveying consultancy.

Since establishing in 2000, Terrain Consulting Group has grown to become an experienced and reputable town planning and land surveying consultancy. We are proud that our services are backed by a successful track record across a diverse range of residential, commercial and industrial development projects throughout Victoria.

Professional integrity and our solid industry reputation make our consultancy a dependable town planning and land surveying alliance. Additionally, our professional partnerships with architects, designers, traffic engineers, arborists and heritage consultants provide the necessary support to ensure that our land surveying and town planning proposals are given due consideration by the relevant authorities.

Do you need to find a development and land surveying consultancy that you can trust? Our qualified and experienced town planning and land surveying consultants thrive on diversity and will be there with you from your initial enquiry to the completion of our services. We understand the importance of timelines which is why our experts will work closely with you to secure the best possible outcome.

Experienced Town Planning

At Terrain Consulting Group, our town planning consultants have professional experience in both local government and private practice, providing us with a strong understanding of the town planning processes and professional relationships with Council officers.

Wide Range of Land Surveying Services

Our land surveying team combines expertise with experience to provide professional advice and detailed survey plans to fulfil the broad-ranging requirements of a diverse range of clients.

A Focus on Quality For Our Clients

Our qualified and experienced team of town planners and land surveyors thrive on diversity, quality service and customer satisfaction, to ensure that you are provided with a professional team of experts.

5 Reasons To Choose Terrain Consulting Group


Experienced town planning and land surveying consultancy.


Approachable and friendly, with a strong focus on quality service and customer satisfaction.


Responsive and reliable.


Excellent presentation – from initial stages to completion.


Access to management – your first point of call will always be to the directors or an experienced team member.

Contact Terrain Consulting Group

Terrain Consulting Group

Ground Floor, 418 High St, Kew VIC 3101, Australia | 03 9853 3352 | admin@terrainconsulting.com.au