Barker Monahan

Barker Monahan Pty Ltd is a land surveying firm incorporated within of the Terrain Consulting Group business. The two businesses work concurrently together to form the Terrain family.

Land Surveying is crucial to the design, town planning and property development processes and requires a level of precision that only an expert can offer. Barker Monahan Pty Ltd has excelled in the land surveying industry for over 50 years and we are as confident in providing high-level service and results.

We focus on success for our clients and use our strengths to your advantage. The legacy of Barker Monahan Pty Ltd equates to a wealth of knowledge and experience and offers results like no other.

Terrain Consulting commits to offering the best land surveying services in Victoria, and Barker Monahan Pty Ltd provides a strength that is the core to our growing success.


The Barker Monahan offices are located in:

Ground Floor, 418 High St,
Kew VIC 3101

For further information do not
hesitate to get in touch:

Phone: (03) 9478 6133

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