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Terrain Consulting brings strong expertise across all aspects of urban planning to the table, meaning you can be confident in the ability of our town planning department to help you achieve your property goals in greater Melbourne.

Melbourne and its suburbia are changing.

As the city’s population booms, so too does the need for housing to keep up.

Councils, developers, investors and mum-and-dad homeowners are all looking for exciting new opportunities to develop new homes, facilities and infrastructure to keep up with the ever-growing demand in Melbourne’s ever-sprawling suburbia.

Urban planning has a crucial role to play in that effort by synchronizing the efforts of property owners and their consultants to ensure the ongoing development of urban areas are carried out in a sustainable manner.

Terrain Consulting has established itself as one of Melbourne’s most trusted urban planning consultants over three decades of service to investors and developers alike.

Our firm is trusted as one of the leading urban planning consultants throughout greater Melbourne, whilst our knowledge and understanding of these various councils makes us a favourite of developers and investors alike as well.

What is Urban Planning?

Urban planning is an increasingly important part of Terrain Consulting’s town planning services and deals with the Melbourne CBD as well as the inner and outer suburbs.

Essentially a niche within the greater town planning practice, the increasing importance of urban planning has been reflected in a number of councils around Melbourne, whose planning departments have in some cases been completely rebranded as “urban planning departments”.
Urban planning typically deals with the planning involved in the creation of medium and high density housing, heritage dwellings and buildings, commercial and residential area.

This covers instances such as:

  • Turning single-lot dwellings into multi-unit sites
  • Development of medium-to-high density housing blocks, such as apartment complexes
  • Development of mixed-use buildings
  • Heritage home extensions
  • Converting brownfield sites to habitable residential buildings
  • The construction and use of commercial uses and areas

Urban planning is the process of assessing what is possible and permissible when a property owner is looking to develop or redevelop land they own and the preparation of all the required expert advice and evidence for a planning application.

It continues with the lodgment of that application and dealing with any objections, either from council, neighbours or the wider local community.

If objections direct the application to VCAT, Terrain Consulting’s team of experts can assist with professional and expert representation.
Urban planning is different from many other areas of town planning and should not be confused with:

Peri-Urban Planning – A mix of urban and rural planning. Usually occurs on the rural fringe.

Rural Planning – Typically deals with agricultural land use and the fragmentation of land in rural areas.

Coastal Planning – Typically deals with planning in coastal areas and accounts for additional factors such as climate change and rising sea levels.

Terrain Consulting – Urban Planning Consultants You Can Trust

You don’t get through over 30 years of business without building a reputation for excellence, and Terrain Consulting has provided outstanding urban planning services to developers and individuals alike for over three decades.

Our ability to help countless urban planning applications through the planning process has been underpinned by our intimate understanding of the varying rules and regulations from one local Council to the next and our ability to provide concise and clear guidance to our clients that saves them unnecessary headaches throughout the planning process and strong representation when objections are made.

We understand the local government. We understand the different councils, their varying rules and regulations and what they want to see in the planning applications that come across their desk and what they don’t want to see.

Expert advice you can trust

This expert advice will ensure Terrain Consulting can help you:

  • Analyse your plans for your property and provide pertinent advice on how your plans can be enhanced
  • Provide you with honest and realistic feedback on your development plans before you start the application process
  • Prepare and submit a planning application
    Prepare for potential objections and answer them if they present themselves
  • VCAT representation
  • Provide expert evidence at VCAT

We understand the process from start to finish ensuring Terrain Consulting can provide developers of all shapes and sizes a professional and holistic suite of services.

Specialist relationships to ensure your project goes to plan

Our ability to foster close working relationships with a number of specialized consultants, such as traffic engineers, architects, landscapers, heritage consultants, arborists and ecologists ensures your team of specialists works smoothly to achieve the best result possible.

Terrain Consulting’s urban planning consultants bring absolute clarity to the matters at hand and combine expert advice from a wide range of specialists with the facts of the land and its surrounds to ensure a detailed planning process and application you can trust, from planning applications to representation at council meetings.

Terrain Consulting’s expert town planning services can be engaged at any point of the planning process.

Whether you are looking for some advice on what is viable before you purchase a property, or stuck in the middle of the planning process and can’t seem to navigate the objections of council and/or the local community, Terrain Consulting can be relied upon for great advice and even better solutions.

Please contact our office for more information or to discuss a project-specific estimation of fees for land surveying or our planning services.

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