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Across Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria

Established in 2000, Terrain Consulting Group has become one of Victoria’s leading town planning and land surveying consultancies, backed by a successful track record across a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial development projects. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable and hardworking consultants are committed to helping you with your project every step of the way.

Terrain Consulting Group has proven experience assisting developers and builders realise the potential of their land. Over the years, our team has worked on various projects, cultivating the skills necessary to work fast and efficiently. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or if you require some guidance, we know how to help.

Planning Reports

Terrain Consulting Group can assist you with your next project by preparing a detailed town planning report or urban context report tailored to your application. This report will assess your project proposal against the policies, strategies and provisions of the planning scheme. In addition, the town planning report will provide an overview of its attributes and assist to justify why a development is appropriate for an area. Our town reports will include the following:


  • Photographs
  • High-quality maps
  • Plans
  • Graphics
  • Any other illustrations
  • Professionally presented in an A3-sized full colour document
  • An assessment of the Planning Policy Framework
  • An assessment of Council’s Municipal Strategic Statement
  • An assessment of Council’s local policies
  • An assessment against the zones and overlays that affect the site
  • An assessment of relevant decision guidelines within the planning scheme
  • An assessment of the Particular Provisions within the planning scheme
  • An assessment against Rescode (Clause 54 or 55) for dwelling developments
  • If necessary, an assessment against the apartment provisions

We will be working closely with you to ensure that your planning permit application will have the best chance of success.

Our team of town planners will provide you with our professional knowledge and expertise to prepare a town planning report for your application. This will greatly assist the Council planner in understanding your permit application.

At Terrain Consulting Group, we can prepare town planning reports for:

  • New homes
  • Alterations to existing homes
  • Multi-unit dwelling developments
  • Apartment developments
  • Mixed-Use proposals
  • Commercial developments such as restaurants, offices and shops
  • Subdivision projects
  • Industrial developments
  • Land-use changes

Why Choose Terrain Consulting Group?

Terrain Consulting Group has established a position as an experienced and reputable town planning and land surveying consultancy in Victoria. Our services are backed by a successful track record across a range of completed projects including small and large residential, commercial and industrial projects all around Melbourne and regional Victoria.


Experienced town planners

Our experienced consultants provide professional advice and detailed town planning reports to ensure your projects are completed efficiently. Town planning reports have become an area of expertise for Terrain Consulting Group. We excel at presenting comprehensive and in-depth reports that ensure your case is well-presented at Council.


Reliable and responsive

Our town planning consultants are passionate about working with clients to bring their project to life. Therefore, we prioritise our work and use our skillset to ensure that our clients come first. As one of the leading town planning and land surveying consultancies in Melbourne, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence that is driven by our qualified, reliable and knowledgeable staff. At Terrain Consulting Group, we value strong working relationships with fellow professionals to assist our clients in achieving the best outcome for their town planning applications.


Delivering quality service

Our team is committed to providing comprehensive town planning and urban context reports to assist your applications in getting the best outcome. With our specific knowledge and our hands-on approach, Terrain Consulting Group is here to provide fast and cost-effective planning solutions to a range of clients.

Alternatively, you can also select from our full range of services including town planning services, land rezoning, land survey services, land subdivision services, rural planning services, and VCAT representation. For more information, contact us today.

Please contact our office for more information or to discuss a project-specific estimation of fees for land surveying or our planning services.

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