VCAT Representation And Disputes

Terrain Consulting Group

It is perhaps an unfortunate reality that when it comes to land development, there is no shortage of hoops to jump through.

To adhere the tick of approval from Council's planning, all developers need a team of specialist experts who can help them navigate the swamp of red tape.

Of course, these regulations provide important checks and balances for the wider community to help ensure that future developments are of benefit to the wider community and fit in with the surrounding features and hallmarks of the local area.

At Terrain Consulting Group we strive to help our clients understand the requirements expected by Councils and help them to improve their planning process and implementation to ensure the greatest chance of success and the least amount of lead time for approval.

However, even the best laid plans can hit roadblocks.

Whether council rejects your proposal or your accepted proposal receives objections from the local community, you want to ensure you work with a land planning consultant with good experience at VCAT.


Why Do Developers Need VCAT Representation?

Land development can be an emotional and sometimes even political exercise.

As Councillors change, so do their expectations from local land development projects, meanwhile neighbouring property owners and residents may also not be fond of a developer's project for a number of reasons.

This can often mean that was acceptable once will no longer be approved by the council.

When this happens, developers have a right to appeal the decision at VCAT.

Terrain Consulting Group has significant experience providing VCAT representation services. Our understanding of the VCAT process, procedures and relevant decisions ensure we can tailor your case for the best possible result on the day.

Often, we’re contacted by developers who have recently had their planning applications rejected or council has imposed strict conditions. Even when we have not worked on the project from the early stages, we can help you understand the Council’s decision and help you assess if changes are required or if your original plans will stand up on their own at VCAT.

Our experience in handling building planning applications at VCAT is just another reason to work with Terrain Consulting Group.



Of course, Council planning refusals are not the only time a developer might need to proceed VCAT and have preferred representation by a planning consultant.

Sometimes, approved plans may need to be defended in VCAT following an appeal by neighbouring residents or businesses.

While addressing Council issues are more a case of working with the facts, addressing issues from concerned residents can often adopt negotiation approach.

Often, objections can relate to how a proposed development project will affect traffic in the local area, how construction will impact on neighbouring properties, or how a proposal fits in with the neighbourhood character.

Terrain Consulting Group can help you understand these concerns and come up with practical solutions to resolving these disputes.

Wherever possible, we will seek a resolution outside of VCAT, but should VCAT representation be required, you can be confident in our ability to provide a solid representation to help ensure a satisfactory outcome for your project.


At Terrain Consulting Group, we have a full suite of building and consulting services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Visit our land surveying services page or planning consultancy services page for more information.  If you have an urban planning or town planning project that needs consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.