Urban Planning

Terrain Consulting Group's urban planning services will help you get your project up and running. Our urban planning consultants bring decades of experience to your project and will not only help you achieve your development goals but help you to understand the various stages of planning a successful urban project.

We specialize in bringing clarity to proposed development projects in urban areas, by taking into account the physical properties of the land, the intended use of the development, the land's surrounds and the political environment in which it exists.

This can mean anticipating the architectural requirements for a development in any particular area, as well as what is physically possible on the land the project is set to be built on, as well as considering the interfere with which neighbouring properties.

By considering all this information and presenting it to clients and their team of experts in a clear and easy-to-understand format, Terrain's Consulting Group’s Melbourne urban planning service can help you make your property dreams a reality.


What is Urban Planning?

Urban planning is the art of understanding the lay of the land, its surrounds and the relevant bodies – such as local Council – understanding their requirements and the end goal and finding a path to successful outcome.

In Melbourne, urban planning is crucial to the early stages of your development project and can provide ongoing value to you throughout the planning process.

The urban planning process can entail rezoning land, representation at Council meetings, VCAT, as well as incorporating for a wide range of input from various experts involved in the process.

Any development in Melbourne, whether in the inner City suburbs or in newly established estates, requires rigorous planning, from land surveying through to traffic management and waste management.

Your urban planner needs to understand the intricacies of your project, your end goal and then be able to take into account the constant feedback from various stakeholders and experts to ensure that all involved have a clear roadmap to achieve the expected outcome.

Terrain Consulting Group provides urban development consulting services for everyone looking to make their property dreams come true.

We refer to and receive referrals from some of Melbourne's leading architects and work with builders and developers of all shapes and sizes, from big commercial elites through to Mum and Dad investors looking to get a bit more out of their property.


Why Use Terrain Consulting Group’s Urban Planning Service

Terrain Consulting Group’s years of experience in urban development consulting has helped many developers, builders, investors and architects get their plans approved and projects delivered on time.

Our vast experience dealing with a wide range of Councils throughout Melbourne means we bring a unique understanding of what it takes to get your project approved and delivered, no matter where you are based in Melbourne and its surrounds.

Our work on the Saltwater Crossing development in Maribyrnong helped to complete a stunning urban renewal project.

In an already popular residential area, Terrain Consulting Group provided urban planning services to help deliver a new development which introduced a range of contemporary housing to a popular area whilst ensuring the new development respected the site's heritage.

Our ability to bring together a range of information ensured a strong case for the project could be made to the local Council and residents.

Head to our portfolio for more examples of our urban planning work successfully completed all around Melbourne. We are also specialists in land surveying and planning. Contact us if you require further discussion about your development project.