Town Planning Services  

Terrain Consulting Group has built a strong reputation as one of Melbourne's leading town planning companies. Over the last 18 years, we have provided outstanding town planning services to Melbourne developers, builders and Mum and Dad investors alike.

Our expertise lies in unlocking the full potential of your specialist consultants and ensuring all stakeholders work in a cohesive and complimentary manner.

Your architect knows building design, your landscaper knows gardens and your traffic management consultant knows how to manage the roads around the project, but someone needs to compile all the information from these authorities and ensure all the pieces of the puzzle align for a great end product.

Our town planning firm has proven experience in helping our customers get through all types of projects.

What Is Town Planning?

Whether you are developing a single property into three units, several hectares into a new estate or an apartment block, you will need to consider a wide range of factors and laws.

Town planning revolves around understanding the lay of the land, what is permissible where you are building and how your development will affect the surrounding area.

This means planning everything; from traffic management to assessing the interfere with neighbouring properties and considering the complex state and local policy and strategic framework.

It can also mean the process of rezoning land to ensure your development is viable.


Why Use Terrain Consulting Group's Town Planning Service?

  • Terrain Consulting Group has built a terrific reputation as one of Melbourne's leading town planning companies.

  • We understand the process from start to finish ensuring we can provide developers of all shapes and sizes a professional and holistic suite of services.

  • Our ability to foster close working relationships with a number of specialised consultants, such as architects, designers, traffic engineers, landscapers, heritage consultants, arborists and ecologists ensures your team of specialists works smoothly to achieve the best result possible.

  • Terrain Consulting Group's town planning services bring absolute clarity to the matters at hand and combine expert advice from a wide range of specialists with the facts of the land and its surrounds to ensure a detailed planning process and application you can trust, from planning applications to representation at Council meetings.

  • With over 35 years of experience at our fingertips, we bring a vast amount of knowledge about Melbourne's various city councils and their respective requirements and decision makers. This enhances our ability to deliver outcomes, no matter where your project is based.


Francis Street, Yarraville

Our portfolio includes the development of Francis Street, Yarraville.

  • The development of the apartment block was a six-year process; for part of an adjacent course starting from the rezoning of land from industrial to residential and the transfer of land to council to facilitate the planning and delivery of the 131-apartment development plus appropriate parking.

  • The 'U' shaped development incorporated a central garden and outdoor terraces.


Terrain Consulting Group's holistic town planning service was crucial to helping get this project off the ground and delivered as the stunning final product it is today.

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Terrain Consulting Group also specialises in land surveying and planning services. Please contact us to discuss a particular project or for estimation of fees.