Terrain Christmas End of Year Lunch

The offices of Terrain Consulting Group (Kew) and Barker Monahan (Preston) celebrated their 1st year as a collaborative team, with a staff luncheon at Melina Greek Restaurant (CBD). The rooftop setting with city views and delicious traditional Greek cuisine was a great way to reflect on the busy 2018 year and relax before the Summer break.



“The synergies between the Preston and Kew offices are working seamlessly. 

Our survey team recently assisted by pegging lot boundaries for a 7 stage 39 lot land subdivision.

Barker Monahan’s involvement in this project dates back to 2009.”




Wyndham Coastal Strategy survey - shared coastal bicycle & pedestrian walkway

During April-June 2018, Terrain Consulting Group in conjunction with Barker Monahan, undertook a Feature and Level Survey along a 3.6km stretch of the Westernport coastline between the Point Cook RAAF base and Wyndham Harbour.  The extensive survey was undertaken to provide an accurate survey to assist the City of Wyndham in the design of a shared bicycle and pedestrian coastal pathway.

The project included close liaison with Council Officers and adjoining land owners with the survey locating numerous beach huts, market gardens, roads, paths, open drains, embankments and the water’s edge. 

We’re fortunate that we have been involved in this exciting community project and look forward to experiencing the pathway upon completion.



Barker Monahan has joined the family at Terrain

Terrain Consulting Group is excited to announce the acquisition of Barker Monahan, a provider of professional Land Surveying services to the Local Government and Land Development Sectors for over 40 years.

The acquisition demonstrates the commitment of Terrain Consulting to offer the best land surveying services in Australia. Barker Monahan will become a part of the Terrain family, thus maximising the Land Surveying and Town Planning resources of the two businesses.

We welcome Barker Monahan to the family and look forward to the collective strengths of both teams giving our clients the best service possible.

For further information please do not hesitate in contacting us at



Terrain Snowed in!

Our Land Surveyors recently undertook a field survey in the Alpine Region in northern Victoria, only to return to the survey vehicle to find it had a blanket of snow.

Luckily for the survey team, the reliable 4WD got them out safely and back on the road to Melbourne without any glitches.



Gippsland Jersey Foundation

Recently, our Land Surveyors attended the 2018 Institute of Surveyors Victoria regional conference that was held in Inverloch, whereby they were fortunate to hear a presentation by Gippsland Jersey and their three pillars, being;⠀ ⠀

1. Fair Price for Farmer

2. Smashing Stigma of Rural Mental Health

3. Kindness⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

The Directors of Terrain Consulting Group heard their story and sent an encouraging email along with a donation to contribute to the Gippsland Jersey Foundation.

As a token of appreciation, a few weeks later Steve Ronalds and Sallie Jones unexpectedly personally delivered some Gippsland Jersey milk into our office on a Friday afternoon. We were pleasantly surprised and pleased that our contribution could assist their cause.

Businesses that believe in Social Corporate Responsibility inspire and motivate to dream bigger.



On 15 May 2018 via Amendment VC143, the Minister for Planning has approved changes to the definition of Garden Area as follows:


This is a great outcome as it will clarify the design approach to be adopted for the calculation of Garden Areas.

In addition, Amendment VC143 has made the following changes to all Victorian Planning Schemes:

  • Amending Clause 32.07 (Residential Growth Zone) to remove Food and drink premises and Shop from Section 1 – Permit not required and make them Section 2 – Permit required uses subject to conditions.

  • Amending Clause 32.08-4 (General Residential Zone) to enable an area to be exempt from the minimum garden area requirement through a schedule to the zone.

Amending clauses 32.08-3 (General Residential Zone) and 32.09-3 (Neighbourhood Residential Zone) to: 

Exclude the creation of a vacant lot of 400 square metres or greater from the minimum garden area requirement.

Clarify that the minimum garden area requirement does not apply to:

  • The creation of a vacant lot less than 400 square metres where there is a precinct structure plan or equivalent strategic plan.

  • The creation of a vacant lot less than 400 square metres where there is an incorporated plan or approved development plan.

  • The creation of a vacant lot less than 400 square metres where there is an approved residential development.






Amending clauses 32.08-4 (General Residential Zone) and 32.09-4 (Neighbourhood Residential Zone) to:


  • Remove the minimum garden area requirement from applying to the construction or extension of a dwelling or residential building where a planning permit is not required.

  • Remove the reference to garden area being required to be provided at ground level.

Clarify that the minimum garden area requirement does not apply to:

  • A medium density housing site in an approved precinct structure plan or equivalent strategic plan.

  • An existing building that did not meet the minimum garden area requirement prior to approval of Amendment VC110.

  • A medium density housing site in an incorporated plan or approved development plan.

  • Amending the Garden area definition at Clause 72 (General Terms) to provide greater clarity about garden area inclusions and exclusions.

The changes introduced by Amendment VC143 adopt a practical and common sense approach to the application of the Garden Area provisions.

Feel free to call the Planning Team if you have any queries with relation to the above or we can assist in any of your projects.

Land Use Terms Advisory Committee

In December 2017 the Minister for Planning appointed an Advisory Committee to review and recommend improvements to land use terms and their definitions in Clause 74 of the Victoria Planning Provisions as part of the Smart Planning program to reform and modernise the Victorian planning system.

The Advisory Committee have released a discussion paper and called for submissions, and is due to submit a final report to the Minister for Planning in mid April 2018.

Some of the issues explored by the discussion paper include:

  • What impacts associated with ‘glamping’ need to be controlled, that are not already controlled under the Camping and caravan park term?

  • Is there merit in defining Brewery, Distillery or Chocolate factory? If there is, how should they be treated in zones?

  • Is there a need to amend the definition of Medical centre, and what precise change is required?

  • Is it appropriate to change the definition of Take away food premises to allow for a certain number of table or seats? What number?

  • Is there merit in defining a use aimed at capturing pop up galleries or shops? If so what should it include, and what limits should be applied?



Terrain Consulting Group has made a submission to the Discussion Paper that suggests there should be a separate definition for a Low Impact Tourist Facility - with specific limits / requirements in relation to (amongst other things) the number of structures (eg 8 tents) , maximum number of guests , removability of structures, and eco - friendly features.

We have submitted that the current definition of Camping and Caravan Park ( Land used to allow accommodation in caravans, cabins, tents, or the like) , is too broad and not reflective of the intent of such proposals.

BNI Awards

On Friday 9 Feb 2018, Terrain received accolades at the Business Network International (BNI) Awards for 2017, held at the MCG Dining Room with over 400 business guests. Lorenzo Rigoni represented Terrain, kicking some goals (literally) winning 2 awards including 'Highest Performing Melbourne CBD Chapter Member 2017' and 'Givers Gain Award for Business Network Referrals 2017'. Well done!


New Terrain Website

Terrain kicks off 2018 with a flashy new website. We will be regularly updating the portfolios and news blogs on a monthly basis to notify of our upcoming projects and achievements. Feel free to browse our pages highlighting our services and view our full team profiles with new headshot photos. The website is responsive for all handsets.


Terrain end of year breakup

Terrain celebrated another successful year for 2017, with a staff luncheon at Melina Greek Restaurant. The rooftop setting with city views and delicious traditional Greek cuisine was both satisfying and delectable. We had a fun time together hanging out outside of the corporate office environment.