Land Surveying  

Terrain Consulting Group is the team of choice for Developers, Architects and Builders seeking an expert Land Surveyor in Melbourne.

Our Land Surveying team combines extensive experience with the latest technology to provide professional advice and detailed survey plans.

Land Surveyor Melbourne

Our Land Survey services include urban and rural land subdivisions, building subdivisions and title re-establishment surveys, together with feature and level survey plans and site analysis plans for development proposals.

Developing land is a costly exercise, and crucial to any project's success is the quality of work that goes into its planning and preparation.

A thorough and reliable land survey is a crucial part of those early stages in preparing for success.

As one of the most reliable and trusted land surveying companies in Melbourne, Terrain Consulting Group has helped lay the foundations for hundreds of exceptional developments, subdivisions and re-establishments.


Why Use Terrain Consulting Group's Melbourne Land Surveying Services?

Whatever your development project, it's vital you know the lay of the land you are working with and prepare for all possible outcomes.

A Terrain Consulting Group, land survey is the first step towards a successful project.

A Land Surveyor measures the site details in terms of topography, slope, and existing conditions as well as measuring where the fence line starts.

Specialized survey equipment measures sightings and setbacks of existing buildings and properties, which is fundamental to Building Designers and Architects so they have an understanding of what is happening next door. Even the presence of a window in a neighbouring building can change what you can or can't do with your building design.

A detailed land survey helps to ensure other professional services, such as Architects, are able to factor in all the relevant information with respect to your property and its surrounds to ensure their designs work within the local area and have a greater chance of being approved and avoiding objections.

As one of Melbourne's specialist Land Survey companies, Terrain Consulting Group can help you make the best possible start to your project.


Why Work With Terrain Consulting Group?

Terrain Consulting Group has established itself as a trusted and respected Land Survey company in Melbourne.

Since 2000, our services have been used by some of the city's biggest developers. Our advice and surveys are often crucial to seeing developments through the crucial planning and approval stages.

We know that the best planning ensures the smoothest projects and we strive to ensure we remain available to all our clients and their partners for advice and consultation throughout the project.

Our holistic approach means we are able to offer clients a service that goes beyond simply completing and providing land survey to customers, and ensures we are able to work with our clients throughout the lifecycle of the development right up until project completion.

With in-house town planning services and fantastic experience in VCAT representations, Terrain Consulting Group can help you from start to finish of your next development project.

Our team has been providing Land Survey and Town Planning services to Melbourne developers and builders of all shapes and sizes since being founded in 2000 and remains a trusted referee of many leading architects and other building consultants.

Land surveying services that our company offers the development industry include:

Please contact our office for more information or to discuss a project-specific estimation of fees for land surveying or our planning services.