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Terrain Consulting Group provides a range of land subdivision services to a wide variety of projects across Victoria.

Subdividing land in Victoria has become increasingly common as more and more landowners look to get the most out of their property.

Land subdivision divides large plots into smaller sectors, with multiple factors considered before the local council can approve it. As such, land subdivision in Melbourne necessitates a wide range of planning expertise, from determining the orientation and sunlight exposure to the amount of common property required for car parking or waste management.

While land subdivision is a popular way to release the financial equity in your property, it can be a complicated process without the proper guidance. Land subdivision applications can be time-consuming and exhausting, with planning codes and procedures differing between councils in Victoria.

At Terrain Consulting Group, our land subdivision specialists are here to assist you in maximising the profitability of your property while keeping you stress-free with our range of professional land subdividing services.

Our Land Subdivision Services

Terrain Consulting Group provides in-house land surveying services so that our clients have all the information they need to make informed decisions before subdividing land in Victoria.

Our subdivision specialists advise clients on the number of subdivisions that can occur on any given parcel of land and how that subdivision can be used

With our in-depth knowledge of Melbourne’s various local councils and complimentary planning service, we offer a simplified process and end-to-end service, guiding you every step of the way so you can ultimately achieve profit and boost your savings.

The Subdivision Process

Our land subdivision specialists collaborate with town planners to ensure that the subdivision layout is site responsive and adheres to council policies. We also communicate with local councils regarding layout and vegetation retainment, as well as the stages and roll-out of the subdivision.

At Terrain Consulting Group, we can assist our clients in obtaining a subdivision permit, which you can then hand over to the civil engineers of their choice to roll out the subdivision infrastructure.

Refer to the following process from the Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning’s website for an overview of the critical steps to subdividing land in Victoria:

Why Work With Terrain Consulting Group?

Experienced Land Surveyors

When subdividing land in Victoria, it’s best to seek advice from a well-experienced company such as ours. Our land subdivision specialists at Terrain Consulting Group have proven experience managing subdivisions, with specific expertise in subdividing land on Melbourne’s fringes.

We are currently working on several land subdivision projects on Melbourne’s fringes, including the construction of new 40 and 50-lot estates.
Terrain Consulting Group is also skilled at subdividing housing developments for townhouse and apartment developments. We also specialise in more traditional land subdivision projects, such as subdividing large tracts of land to create new estates.


Reliable, Responsive, And Friendly Service

As a leading land subdivision company in Melbourne, Terrain Consulting Group aims to take the hassle off your hands and provide you with our extensive land subdivision services and expertise to fulfil your objectives.

Our land subdivision specialists are approachable, reliable, and friendly. We take pride in our work and use our skills to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.


A Focus On Quality

At Terrain Consulting Group, we are dedicated to providing expert land subdivision services to help discover your property’s full potential. We also offer town planning services, land rezoning, and council expertise from decades of experience representing clients at council meetings and VCAT. Moreover, all our clients have access to a full suite of complementary services to get their projects from start to completion.

Entrust your land subdivision in Melbourne to the experts at Terrain Consulting Group to save money and reduce stress during the process. Alternatively, you can choose from our range of services, which includes land surveying, rural planning, VCAT representation, and town planning reports. Contact us today for more information.

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